Export Partners in Indonesia

Export partners in Indonesia is a crucial matters for foreign companies. As the world’s fourth most populous country, Indonesia is a potential market for you to export your products to. With the large number of people in the country, the demand for products is naturally high. However, you must have the correct strategy to determine your potential export partners in Indonesia.

Benefits of Having Export Partners in Indonesia

There are several benefits of having export partners in Indonesia:

  • You will obtain more access to consumers and businesses. With this method, you will be able to have more profits and expand your business in Indonesia.
  • You will be able to diversify your market opportunities. By doing this, you will have a safety net in case your domestic economy falters. You will still have a growing market at your disposal to do business. 
  • You will be able to expand the lifecycle of your products. If your domestic market is too saturated with similar products, you can market your product Indonesia. 

Procedures to search for an Export Partner

  1. Preliminary Meeting

In the preliminary meeting, we will clarify a few points to our client which includes discussions about their existing clients in the Indonesian market, types of products they offer, profiles of partners they seek to work with, information about their competitors and many more.

  1. Market Research & Market Note

After understanding the client’s criteria for potential partners, our team will conduct a Market Research to find the most suitable partners for our clients. We will also give them Market Note which provides information regarding mutual business interests, complementary services, skill sets, and strengths. The aim is to create a beneficial partnership for both parties.

  1. Partner Rating and Selection
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After the Market Research process is completed, our team will send the names of the potential partners to our client. The client will be given the chance to rank, prioritize, and measure their level of interest and ultimately select their partners.

  1. A = Very Good
  2. B = Good
  3. C = Average
  4. D= Not Good
  1. Final Meeting

Once the clients have made their choice, our team will contact the potential export partners in Indonesia and arrange a meeting with all parties involved. This will be the final meeting with the agenda of finalizing the terms of agreement before the partnership comes in full effect.

How can Double M help?

Finding export partners in Indonesia is not easy. With Double M’s help, you will be able to find them with ease.