Call Center Agents in Indonesia

In the age of the internet, information could be easily obtained by browsing the web. For example, you could simply provide information about your products or services on your company’s website. However, problems could arise when your customers are seeking for more detailed information that is unavailable online. When such scenarios happen, it becomes a necessity for you to hire call center agents in Indonesia.

What is a Call Center Agent?

A call center agent is a person who answers incoming calls and conducts outgoing calls on behalf of your company. Generally, a call center agent is tasked to handle inquiries, complaints, and support issues for your products or services. In the business world, this position is also known as customer service or operator. Different terms but the responsibilities are pretty much the same,

Call Center Agents in Indonesia: The Responsibilities

The following are the responsibilities of a call center agent in Indonesia:

  1. Manage incoming and outgoing calls
  2. Create and follow certain communication scripts when talking to a customer
  3. Conduct customer engagement
  4. Ask about the customer’s needs, answer their questions, and try to solve their problems according to the operating procedures set by the company
  5. Promote the company’s products and services
  6. Create and maintain sustainable customer relationships
  7. Record conversations and manage them

Call Center Agents Skills

The following are the skills that should be possessed by a call center agent:

  1. Knowledgeable: Call center agents need to have product/service knowledge within the company. By having it, they will be able to explain everything asked by the customers
  2. Attention to Detail: Call center agents must be very detail-oriented. Pick up every small details provided by the client and try to give an accurate response
  3. Organized: Call center agents must be able to organize calls, notes, and record conversations with the customers. These conversations will then be recorder for further references
  4. Flexible: Call center agents must be flexible and adapt to any kind of situation and scenario that might happen during the calls
  5. Friendly: Call center agents must be able to understand the problem from the customer’s point of view and have a friendly attitude, showing intent to help them solve their problems
  6. Calm: Call center agents must be calm and composed under difficult scenarios. When the customers are asking difficult questions or making demands, they must be able to remain in a steady state of mind
  7. Communicative: Call center agents must possess excellent communication skills, both verbal and written in order to help solve the customer’s problems
  8. Efficient: There are lots of calls coming every day. Call center agents must be aware of this and use their time efficiently in order to maximize their services to all customers
  9. Creative: Call center agents must have a creative way of thinking in order to help find solutions to the customer’s problems. 
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How can Double M help?

Call center agents in Indonesia are crucial for your company in delivering information to the customers. Double M can help you recruit call center agents that suit your preferences.