Reasons You Should Hire a Local Agent in Indonesia

Local Agent in Indonesia – Upon entering the Indonesian market, it would be an excellent option for your company to have a representative, or field person, so to speak, with extensive knowledge of the local market. In the fields of business and sales, they are called local agents in Indonesia. Agents are responsible for representing their businesses and selling their products to the Indonesian market. 

What Does a Local Agents Do?

A local agent in Indonesia does not have ownership of the product, but is paid by the exporting company based on the amount of sales they generate. Most agents typically have expertise in the export market and are able to manage several services or product lines. When a company feels suited to a certain agent, they might be trusted as a sole agent who is in charge of sales. 

Important Thing to Consider Before Hiring Local Agents in Indonesia

When choosing an agent, the first aspect you need to find is trust. The agent you appoint will represent your company as a whole and will be in charge to sell products from your entire catalog. Be sure to conduct a thorough background search in order to find the agent most suitable for the job. Furthermore, here are the reasons why you should appoint a local agent in Indonesia:

Reasons to Hire Local Agent in Indonesia

  1. Saves Money

Hiring an internal sales agent will cost you a lot of money. From paying the salary, payroll taxes, worker insurance, bonding fees, liabilities etc. By hiring an independent local agent, it will cost you nothing until they start bringing in revenue. Coming into a new market, it’s certainly the more sensible thing to do. You don’t pay salary, benefits, or expenses to your agents, you just pay their commission. This makes hiring a sales agent such an attractive option which gives you a chance to get higher sales with less investment. 

  1. Links and Relationship
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Agents have specific and detailed knowledge regarding your market and know about the potential buyers you are trying to reach. This will enable you to get quick, direct access to the people who are making decisions to buy. Furthermore, they will also maintain partnerships by doing follow-up support. This existing relationship will immensely help you sell your product and save a lot of time, allowing you to focus on the sales

  1. Experience and Industry Knowledge

Most independent, local agents have built their tenures in the same region and field for a long time. Simply put, they have all the knowledge about the local economy through countless hours of market research. They know about the competitors selling the same product and as a result, will be able to provide you with feedback regarding product improvement. 

How can Double M help?

Hiring a local agent will help your business thrive in new markets. Double M can help you find local agents best suited to your needs and expectations.