Why You Should Register a Company in Bali

Register a Company in Bali would not be out of the options for foreign companies since Bali is one of the most prominent tourism destinations in Indonesia. The Covid-19 pandemic might have slowed things down, but as the world slowly recovers, Bali has once again emerged as the place to go to. In the age of remote working, the term Work from Bali (WFB) has become increasingly popular. With the influx of people entering the city, it could be profitable for you to register a company in Bali. 

Reasons to Register a Company in Bali

Many foreigners travel to this little island of joy for leisure, but end up creating promising business ventures. As a prime tourism destination, Bali has a vibrant atmosphere, beautiful ocean views, and delightful cuisines. Furthermore, here are the reasons why you should register a company in Bali:

1. Resources

Bali is naturally gifted with a plethora of natural resources. From beaches to mountains, different activities could be performed such as diving or hiking. The abundance of resources makes Bali such an ideal location for a company to thrive. After you register a company in Bali, you will be surrounded by a lively investment scene filled with plenty of visitors. It is also worth noting that there are plenty of unexplored areas in Bali, so you could still find a hidden gem location for your company. 

2. Infrastructures

To support its booming tourism and investment climate, both the Indonesian and local government have planned the construction of various infrastructures in Bali. The Ngurah Rai International airport has world-class facilities, while the roads in Bali are famously known as one of the best and well-constructed in Indonesia. With the planned infrastructure constructions, your company will be properly supported. 

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3. Cultural Scene

As a premier destination for tourists, Bali has become a melting pot of many people from different cultural backgrounds. Every year, thousands of people from all around the globe visit the city seeking to bring something back to their country of origin. By registering a company in Bali, your company will be able to market its products or services to various people around the globe. With this method, you will be able to gain a wide level of exposure. Ultimately, this could help your company to thrive. 

4. Stability

When conducting business, stability in the location becomes a priority. As the owner, you will want to make sure that the place is safe for your business to thrive. Bali is a relatively stable place politically and safer than other places in Indonesia.

How can Double M help?

Bali is one of the best destinations for you to invest in Indonesia. After considering the reasons to register a company in Bali, the next step is to learn about the company registration procedures. Since Bali is located within Indonesian territory, you must comply with the local regulations. Find out more about company establishment in Indonesia.