Establish Virtual Office in Indonesia

Virtual office in Indonesia is defined as a service that enables you to register pre-existing office buildings as your designated business address while you operate your business from another location. In Indonesia, this type of office is commonly found especially for emerging companies.

How to Establish Virtual Office in Indonesia?

For company establishment in Indonesia, you are obliged to set it up formally as a legal entity. One of the key requirements to be one is that your company must have an office location. When you don’t have funds to build an actual office for your own, using a virtual office could be a superb alternative. The emergence of video conferencing softwares positively helps the usage of virtual offices. 

How Does a Virtual Office Work?

Virtual Offices are usually operated as one large unit to accommodate customers. This type of office is increasingly popular among emerging startups and new businesses.

Reasons to Rent Virtual Office in Indonesia

Here are several reasons why you should rent a virtual office in Indonesia:

  1. Mobility

Traditional companies are usually known to operate in physical offices. Meaning that they either rent an actual building or build it from scratch. Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, business practitioners have come to realize that it’s actually possible to maintain a business and keep it running with employees who work from home. With this newly changed status quo, the usage of physical office buildings no longer becomes a necessity, especially if you intend to start a business in Jakarta, which is known to have busy traffic. By using a virtual office, you won’t have to bother transporting from home to work and so do your employees. This will save everyone’s time. 

  1. Flexibility
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Without the existence of a physical office building, there would be no one to come early and open the door and also to clean up everything. It also means that there won’t be a fixed operational hours for you to conduct your business. This could make the operations run smoothly. Having a virtual office also gives you the opportunity to pick literally any location of your choosing. If you plan to expand your coverage and exposure, using a virtual office is an excellent choice. 

  1. Cost-Saving

One of the most popular reasons to use a virtual office is to save cost. It is the clear advantage of using a virtual office compared to a traditional one. By using a virtual office, you will have fewer bills to pay, no cleaning services fee, no maintenance fee and many more. As a result, you will be able to allocate your company funds to other pressing matters. 

How can Double M help?

If you plan to register company in Indonesia, using a virtual office in Indonesia is an excellent alternative you can choose. With Double M’s help, you will be able to set up a virtual office in Indonesia easily.