Advantages of Naturalization in Indonesia

Naturalization in Indonesia is a process where foreign citizens can earn a new status as Indonesian citizens because they have lived in Indonesia for a certain amount of years or go through a series of specific procedures. 

In Indonesia, naturalization increased in popularity after famous footballer Cristian Gonzales was naturalized as an Indonesian citizen in 2010. Over the years, not only footballers have followed suit but regular citizens as well. Here are the advantages of naturalization in Indonesia.

  1. Protection from Deportation

There have been many cases where tourists or temporary visitors are deported from Indonesia because they committed crime. By being an Indonesian citizen, Indonesia will automatically be your country of origin. As a result, there shall be no possibility of a deportation for you. This does not mean you can do everything as you please without obeying the law. Should you commit a violation, the existing legal regulations will apply on you and consequences will occur .

  1. Government Job Eligibility

In every job in the Indonesian government, the main requirement for potential applicants is that they must be an Indonesian citizen. You will be eligible to apply for a job in the Indonesian government by getting naturalized as an Indonesian citizen. One of the most known advantages of getting a government job is that you will receive a monthly pension money after you retire for the rest of your days. 

  1. Ease to Travel

Upon the successful completion of your naturalization process, you will be eligible to apply for an Indonesian passport. Having an Indonesian passport is so beneficial since it will allow you to travel overseas as an Indonesian citizen. 

  1. Right to Vote

As an Indonesian citizen, you will obtain the political right to vote in elections, either for city officials, legislative members, and Presidents/Vice Presidents. Electoral voting right is one of the most profound rights for an Indonesian citizen, allowing you to take part in a huge democratic event and play a part in the country’s political process. 

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How can Double M help?

Naturalization as an Indonesian citizen could potentially bring you many advantages. With Double M’s help, you will be able to complete the procedures with no hassle.