4 Reasons to Hire Tax Consultants in Indonesia

Upon starting your business in Indonesia, you will immediately realize that tax is an important matter in the country. They are considered as a huge source of income for the local government. Therefore, every amount you earn as an individual or collectively as a company will be taxed according to the pre-existing regulations. These regulations are ever-changing and detailed which could make it hard to keep up with. As a result, the demand for tax consultants is off the charts. 

Tax consultant, by definition, is a qualified tax professional who gives advice and suggestions to their clients regarding their tax obligations. Tax consultants, after hired, will assist and consult the client prior to making decisions regarding their tax obligations. Here are a few reasons why you should hire a tax consultant in Indonesia.

  1. Keeping up with the regulations

In Indonesia, there are several taxes that must be paid by companies, such as corporate income tax, employee withholding tax, value-added tax etc. Each of these taxes have different rates and different percentages. With a tax consultant at your disposal, you will have someone that can keep track of these rates and regulations and will be able to assist your decision-making if a regulation change ever happens.

  1. Help you save money

With a tax consultant’s help, you will be able to assess your potential tax returns and find ways around the regulation which would help you save money. These alternative and smarter ways to pay tax are only known by tax consultants with a certain degree of experience and expertise in the area. A good tax consultant will give you detailed information regarding tax obligations in Indonesia and explain how you can save money.

  1. Help you save time
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The average tax returns take about 20 hours to be worked on to completion. This timeline is projected for experienced tax professionals. Now imagine if someone without previous experience in dealing with tax is asked to perform this duty, it will undoubtedly take more time and energy. A tax consultant gives you a reliable option to delegate your tax matters so you can save time on that and actually focus on running your business.

  1. Avoid mistakes

Taxes often involve the calculation and analysis of huge numbers. This is a condition that is very vulnerable to mistakes. By hiring a tax consultant, you will have someone reliable to pay attention to all the details and make sure all the numbers are calculated and input correctly.

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