Verify Your Overseas Vaccine Upon Entering To Indonesia

Verify Your Overseas Vaccine – The Circular of COVID-19 Taskforce Number 18 2021 regarding the Health Protocols for International Travel During the COVID-19 Pandemics stipulated that all international travelers, whether Indonesian citizens or foreigners are required to show the card or certification (physically/digitally) of the completion upon receiving the full dose COVID-19 vaccination before entering Indonesia.

The governmental agencies of Indonesia, upon the release of the Circular on September 14 2021, have provided a website to do so, for both Indonesian citizens and foreigners. The website will serve the purpose to register and verify the travelers’ vaccination status.

To be able to register and apply for the verification of COVID-19 vaccination status from abroad, the necessary documents to prepare would be : ID, namely KTP/NIK for Indonesian citizens and passports for foreigners, and the vaccination cards obtain through when vaccinated outside of Indonesia. Additional documents for foreigners are : diplomatic permits from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or stay permits from immigration.

Please see below the steps of registering your ID in the website and requesting verification on your vaccination status :

  1. Register and request verification through the website
  2. Verification process by the Ministry of Health (for Indonesian citizens) and by each Embassy (for foreigners)
  3. Verification result will be confirmed through the registered email
  4. Register and Login in the application of PeduliLindungi, complete the account in accordance to the data to activate the Vaccination Status
  5. Obtain the Verification Vaccination Card through the web of
  6. Find the menu Certification Check / Cek Sertifikat and complete the data
  7. Open the application of PeduliLindungi and choose Scan QR Code for check in to public places
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The importance of overseas vaccine to be verified are, other than being a requirement to perform several activities in Indonesia, it is also to ease up the process to expedite the activities for both Indonesian citizens and foreigners in Indonesia.

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For other related information regarding vaccination status and verification, please visit the website of Ministry of Health in