Passport and Address Changes in Indonesia

Passport and Address Changes in Indonesia – For administrative control of the presence and activities of foreigners in Indonesia territory, the Indonesia Government stipulates a policy that every foreigner residing in Indonesia is required to report any data changes in civil status (birth, marriage, divorce, and death), citizenship, occupation, guarantor or change of address and passport as regulated in article 71 (a) of Law No.6/2011 concerning Immigration.

This reporting is not only important for the supervision but changes in employment or guarantor also greatly affect the immigration status (residence permit) of foreigners who are and carry out activities in Indonesian territory. Notify or report your local immigration office when the changes happen.

Below are the most data changes that often happens and sometimes forgotten:


If you are a KITAS/KITAP holder and you have to change your passport due to passport loss or damage or you have no more empty pages left, you have to notify your sponsor to update your KITAS data with the new passport. This is to avoid the problem when you leave or enter Indonesia or having a problem when you submit any company license (in the case you are the Director in the company). The data on your KITAS has to be in-line with your new passport data.


It often happens that foreigners on KITAS/KITAP move to a different house or apartment before their KITAS/KITAP expires. It is important to notify the immigration office about this move.

The changes report procedure is likely to be quite time-consuming and frustrating with the tendency of regulations changing from time to time. To avoid these headaches and save your time with the paperwork, Double M team will assist you with the process. Should you have any inquiries or require more information, please contact

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