Project Outline

DEFESA is a waste management collector from Spain which focus on the collection of Old Corrugates Carton in Spain, which is then exported to the Biggest paper mills, which are mainly located in Asia.

Double M are current the agents f in Vietnam and other markets in the ASEAN region. Before starting to work with Double M, DEFESA was exporting their products only through big traders, but now they have been able to sell directly to several factories in Vietnam and other markets in Asia (Indonesia and Malaysia).  

Below a quote of Borja Fernandez about his experience with Double M


“We started to work with Double M to open up a market in the export of our product in Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, etc. The commercial relationship could not have been better: they prepared the agendas and trips to the countries, accompanied us on the visits, followed up on them… and managed to make the clients. The treatment on a day-to-day basis and all the procedures with our clients could not be done in a more fluid and optimized way, making each of our contacts a success”.

Borja Fernandez  – Plant Manager

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