Establishing a G2G trade partnership between Spanish & Indonesian governments

Project Outline

Ordesa offers nutritional product for children and adults

Ordesa Laboratories is using a unique service made by Double M , which was designed to solve the barriers and difficulties that Indonesian importers impose to foreign producers. The milestones achieved with Ordesa are:

  • The Ministry of Agriculture of Indonesia has approved Spain to export dairy products to Indonesia. This is a very complex Government to Government (G2G) approval to get.
  • Obtaining all specific licenses to import dairies.
  • Agreement with one of the main distributors in the country.
  • Making a detailed business plan.
  • Detailed selection of the ideal selling-point for the product launch.
  • Team recruitment and development.
  • Accounting, tax, payroll, legal handling.
  • Complete HR consulting.


“Double M Indotraders has made our entry into the Indonesian market possible, an entry full of challenges that would not have been possible to overcome without their support.” 

Joan Balsells – Indonesia Country Manager  

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